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In 2003 Jodie Marsh’s natural cleavage was a badge of honour in her ongoing feud with nemesis and plastic surgery aficionado Jordan.

But five years on, it’s abundantly clear the glamour model has had a change of heart.


The 29-year-old showed off her new set of 32GGs at the launch of Orchid bar in central London last night.

Faking it: Jodie Marsh showed off her new 32GGs at London’s Orchid last night; the glamour model attempted to one-up her nemesis Jordan by proudly declaring her breasts were real in 2003

Jodie, famous for her minuscule outfits, stayed true to form in a black skimpy fringed bra and low riding jeans for the occasion.

At one point her heaving bust line proved too much, spilling over her tiny lingerie as she piled into a cab at night’s end.


And after posing without make-up earlier this week for a Refuge charity campaign for victims of domestic violence, Jodie’s self-described “drag queen” paint was back as thick as ever.


Boost: the glamour model says she underwent surgery to lift her confidence

“I had got to a point where I wanted to keep my push up bra on in the bedroom! I 100 per cent made the decision to undergo surgery for myself, and I didn’t take the decision lightly.

“After a really difficult last year I wanted to do something that would make me feel good about myself and bring my confidence levels back up.


“The only criticism I have is one with myself and that is that I wish I’d had them done years ago so that I might have felt this amazing for all that time!”


Jodie admitted that she felt pressure to keep up with celebrities who favour a nip and tuck.


She added: “There are so many images of women with amazing fake boobs, I didn’t really feel like mine were good enough.


“I think society has forgotten what real boobs look like, and women like me end up thinking our boobs aren’t nice because they disappear into our armpits when we lie down.



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  1. Love the boob job! hope they get even bigger. I love u jodie marsh. your boobs rock i want to c them in person

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