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Monthly Archives: June 2008

George Clooney broke up with his model girlfriend, Sarah Larson, shortly after she had a breast augmentation in mid-May. Was surgery the final straw in their already fractured relationship? “George really didn’t want her to get the boob job,” an insider says. But she needed a place to rest after the operation. “She asked George if she could do her recovery at his house and he agreed,” says the insider. Although the couple made a last appearance together at a Metropolitan Museum of Art gala on May 5 in New York, the relationship was already on the rocks. “He wanted to break up with her but she had an Armani gown custom-made,” says the insider. “He didn’t want to be a jerk, so he took her to be nice.” But the romance lasted just a few more weeks. 

Despite the split, the 29-year-old former cocktail waitress is pleased with her new look. Revealing no signs of heartache, Sarah showed off her curvier figure at the Palms Place Hotel and Spa opening in Las Vegas on May 31. “She likes her new body so much that she would consider posing for Playboy,” says a friend. And having dated a huge star, she shouldn’t have any problems getting work. “Now that she’s famous, she’d never go back to cocktailing,” the pal says. 

from intouch weekly

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The complete Top Ten (measuring earnings and publicity power)

Power Rank Name Category Pay ($mil)
Oprah Winfrey, $275 million
Tiger Woods, $115 million
Angelina Jolie, $14 million
4 Beyoncé Knowles, $80 million
David Beckham, $50 million
Johnny Depp, $72 million
Jay-Z, $82 million
8 The Police, $115 million
9 J.K. Rowling, $300 million
10 Brad Pitt, $20 million

Complete list here

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California gays should put on a body condom and give Tila Tequila a big hug as a thank you for helping the gay movement. The bi-for-pay reality star of MTV's "A Shot at Love" told UsWeekly that she thinks her show had something to do with the ban being lifted on gay marriage in California.

Tila said, "It is because of me — I definitely think [my show] has helped the movement. Before it came out, everyone was still a little apprehensive about [same sex relationships]. Then they realized, 'Wow, everyone is really into this stuff, and it is fine.' The next thing you know, [gay marriage] is legal."

Somebody give this bitch a reality check in the form a wet slap to the face. The show is only helping the WHORE movement which I'm a part of, but bitch needs to get real. Tila had nothing to do with the CA gay marriage thing, but something tells me she had a lot do with the recent study that revealed 26% of New Yorkers have herpes. I mean, she has been to New York before!

Here's this delusional bitch at "The Love Guru" premiere in Hollywood last night.

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Timbaland and his girlfriend, music exec Monique Idlett, have tied the knot, has confirmed exclusively.

The two wed — in their sweats! — in Virginia on Tuesday by a family pastor.

They are getting hitched again in a formal ceremony in Aruba on June 22.

The couple, who are based in Miami, welcomed a baby girl, Reign, last year. (He also has a son from a previous relationship.) He popped the question at Idlett's baby shower.


Timbaland and Monique Idlett

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Britney Spears and Mel GibsonPhoto by: Fame(2)
Britney and Mel's Cigar Club Rendezvous | Britney Spears, Mel Gibson

Britney Spears and Mel Gibson had a smokin' date Tuesday night – at an exclusive Beverly Hills cigar club. 

For more than two-and-a-half hours, the singer, 26, and the actor-filmmaker, 52, met in what was confirmed to PEOPLE as a more of an ongoing guidance session than a business pow-wow. 

For their rendezvous at the members-only Havana Club, both showed up separately shortly before 7 p.m., well into the third game of the NBA finals between the L.A. Lakers and the Boston Celtics, which was playing at the bar. As for the smoking and watering hole itself, habitués include Ben Affleck, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Danny DeVito.

When Spears arrived, her bodyguard drove a Jeep Commander into the underground parking garage, and she exited with her blonde hair up and pulled back by a white headband. Also with Spears were her assistant Brett and a bodyguard. 

"She looked pretty in her new Capri jeans a blue blouse, white shoes and a brown bag," says a photographer. Earlier in the day, Spears was seen shopping at the Lisa Kline boutique in Beverly Hills, where she purchased the new jeans and tried on several necklaces. 

"Britney looked like a doll with bright red lipstick," added the photog, who described her as "very quiet" and "with a serious look on her face as she walked in to the Havana Club." 

By contrast, an upbeat Gibson left his silver Lexus with the valet and walked in holding what was described as a "man-purse" up to his face and a look of "okay, you got me" as paparazzi snapped his picture. 

Around 9:30, Spears left the club for home, while Gibson hung around until about 11. 

The two – once neighbors inside a Malibu enclave (Spears now lives in a gated community in Studio City) – began being seen in public together in March, at dinner in a restaurant. It was then learned that Gibson and his wife, Robin, had been looking in on Spears once she had checked out the hospital in February. 

In May, Gibson and his wife, and Spears and her father, all vacationed together in Costa Rica. 

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Yesterday we published the video above of Shia LaBeouf, who turns 22 today – Happy Birthday Shia! – drunk at what looks like a house party. He”s interacting with another party guest, encouraging the guy to smack him. During their stupid banter before Shia gets smacked, Shia calls the guy a “faggot” in order to encourage him to land the blow.

Today Shia”s rep has issued a statement about the video. He says it was taken several years ago, and that could be true because Shia has such a baby face it”s hard to tell if he”s aged since, and that Shia regrets saying the word in any context and is embarrassed that the video got out. It comes across like a sincere apology and is one that can serve as an example for other celebrities who need to issue statements after saying or doing idiotic things:

“The videotape that is currently being circulated is several years old and captures Shia playing a game among friends in which he uses a derogatory word toward a friend,” LaBeouf”s rep tells me exclusively. “He regrets having used the word in any capacity and is very embarrassed that this footage is being seen by anyone.”

[From Mark Malkin on E! Online]

A lot of you pointed out that Shia pretty openly flipped off David Letterman during an appearance on the show in May. Dave and Shia were talking about Shia”s drunken Walgreen”s arrest, in which he described returning to the drug store twice times in an attempt to get cigarettes after a security guard made fun of him and distracted him from his purchase. Dave joked about Shia changing clothes for his second trip to the store, and Shia subtly flipped him off for a moment. You could tell it was deliberate and not just the way he was gesturing with that hand.

The kid is 22 years old and he”s foolish, but his worst offenses are shopping drunk andsmoking outside, and unlike a lot of his peers he”s never been busted for DUI. While he did use a very obnoxious and offensive word in a video taken at a party, he apologized properly and sounds like he regrets it.

Amy Winehouse has also sort-of apologized for the many slurs she used in a stupid sing-song rant in which she called four groups “deaf, dumb, blind and gay.” She told photographers “I don”t want to play anything down, but I”m the least racist person going.” Some people commented on that story that it was more like a child”s song and was something her husband encouraged her to sing. Other people said there”s no excuse for what Amy did, even if it was in private. Maybe she needs a good PR person like Shia”s so she can apologize with feeling and explain how that happened. Unlike Shia, she didn”t just use one offensive name for a group, it was a string of them and included mean comments specifically about those groups.

Shia LaBeouf is shown below outside a fan screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in NY on 5/21/08, thanks to WENN.


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20-year-old Brooke Hogan is "totally freaked out" over her 48-year-old mother dating a 19-year-old tool. Yes, that dude is 19. Yes, in human years. Brooke told E! News, "I personally don’t like it at all or condone it, but she’s my mom, so I have to show her support." Say what?

Brooke also said that Linda's new beast-boy or whatever we're calling him is one of Nick Hogan's classmates. She went on to say, "I went to school with him. He was a grade under me…Me and Nick know him well. Me and Nick are two years apart, and he was right between us (in school)."

The Hogan family is a house full of OLD. They make the Lohans look like pre-schoolers.

Brooke should be freaked out. Both her parents are dating twats that look like their kids. They all look the same! What if they accidentally get into the wrong bed at night (it happens)? Barf inducer.


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Mariah Carey slipped into her favorite outfit, a bikini and high heels, to shoot her latest music video in Hawaii on Sunday. The last time Mariah made a video — for "Bye-Bye" — she ended up marrying the guy she cast as her love interest, Nick Cannon, so hopefully this one lives up to that excitement. Speaking of the newlyweds, he was on hand to watch his wife strut her stuff and turn the business trip into another mini honeymoon. This couple has already taken their love all around the world and it's only just the beginning of showing off their smiles and, of course, those beach bodies, for Mr. and Mrs. Cannon-Carey.



from popsugar

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Nick Hogan
Stephanie Ragusa, a suspect in a Florida teacher sex case, tried to pass a letter to Nick Hogan in jail. (AP Images)

Nick Hogan, who has finally made his way from solitary confinement to mingling with the fellas, has found a fan in the suspect involved in a student-teacher sex scandal.

A former teacher, 29-year-old Stephanie Ragusa, who has plead not guilty to having sex with teenagers at the Florida middle school she worked at, attempted to pass the strapping young Hogan a note.

Apparently, the note never made it into Nick's hands as it was confiscated on the spot, but our trusty friends over at TMZ have a copy.

Although the letter was "not sexual in nature" perhaps she was "grooming" him for a little bit of jail-house action down the road? She is currently awaiting trial.

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By Rav Singh from News Of the world UK

STRING when your winning— and that's exactly what ESCALA are doing after signing a £1.5MILLION deal with SIMON COWELL.

The Britain's Got Talent girls put pen to paper just hours before they kicked off the BGT roadshow at the Hammersmith Apollo on Friday night.

I can also reveal that the girls look set to earn a whopping £5million each next year with svengali Cowell tuning the sexy string quartet into the new Il Divo.

All this despite not finishing in the Top 3 of the hit TV talent show!

I'm told that they already have a massive global tour lined up which, with merchandising, ticket sales and a hotly-tipped album, will generate the girls a cool £20million.

Violinists IZZY JOHNSTON and VICTORIA LYON, both 24, viola player CHANTAL LEVERTON, 25, and cellist NASTASYA HODGES, 26, could become the new legs of sexy tights firm Pretty Polly too.

My source tells me: "Escala are the most marketable act to come out of Britain's Got Talent by a country mile.

"By signing with Simon at the Sony BMG record label they're getting all the expertise that helped Il Divo shift a whopping 30 million records and become the world's favourite opera hunks.

"A British and US No1 album is already pencilled in as a near certainty. Their great strength—apart from their natural beauty—is the ability to appeal across markets.

"They'll be an inspiration to the younger generation of music lovers, but will also reach out to classical fans.

"People will be stunned at the size of their success. They're going to be mega."

I'm sure this is just the first of many strings to be added to the Escala bow.

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