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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Although Sara Evans is still planning her wedding, the country singer is already talking about expanding her family with fiancé Jay Barker. 

"Jay and I have seven kids together [from previous marriages], and I would definitely love to have another child [with him]," the 37-year-old said. "He's just too cute. I just can't imagine not having a baby with him." (Evans has three children with her ex-husband, Craig Schelske, and Barker has four children.) 

But, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant was quick to add that she is not rushing into anything. "We still have plenty of time, and I'm in no hurry because I hate being pregnant."

Evans was speaking on CMA Celebrity Close-Up, which will air July 19 and 26 on GAC TV. 

Although the country star is keeping the details of her wedding top secret, she's not afraid to spill the beans about her first date (and kiss!) with her husband-to-be. "We got introduced, and we started talking by email and texting and talking on the phone, and we were just like two girls, I swear." 

After getting to know each other over the phone, Barker asked Evans if he could come to Nashville to meet her in person, and, of course, she agreed. "So, we met at the park, and we decided to throw a softball for our first date. And he's an athlete, so I wanted to impress him with my mad skills," Evans confessed. "We played softball, and went and got cheeseburgers, and we just could not stop talking. I'm madly in love with him." 

Sara EvansPhoto by: Bill Waugh / AP
I'd Love to Have Another Baby | Sara Evans

Barker, a former football quarterback for the University of Alabama, is "such a gentleman," the singer gushed. "He didn't kiss me on our first date or the second or third. He's very old-fashioned in that sense." 

So, what is it about Barker that makes him Mr. Right? "He is the male version of me. I know that sounds really narcissistic, like I just want another me – but I feel like I'm marrying my best friend." 

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The Hills star Brody Jenner has landed his own reality show.

He will headline MTV's Bromance, in which "regular" guys from around the country compete to be his new BFF.

The guys will live in a bachelor pad and participate in group and individual activities (including skydiving) to test their trust, reliability and compatibility.

Contestants will be tossed out in a "Hot Tub elimination ceremony" (they must leave dripping wet in their swim suits).

One winner will end up in Jenner's inner circle.

"I thought [the idea] was funny, and we recently lost a member of the entourage, so I thought we'd have fun with it," Jenner tells Variety of the show (from Ryan Seacrest's production company).


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So last week you had a whole bunch of Abigail Clancy bikini pictures, and those were awesome, but I was hoping that we would get some Abigail Clancy topless pictures too, and I bet you were too. Well, today we’ve finally got some Abbey Clancey topless pictures from her vacation in St. Barts, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it was worth the wait.




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Hilton makes new "BFFs" in Las Vegas on June 6.Photo by: WENN
Paris Hilton Parties – Dashing Pregnancy Rumors | Paris Hilton

With one swig of pink champagne at dinner Friday, Paris Hilton quickly put an end to any lingering pregnancy rumors that have been heating up the Web. 

The heiress imbibed and dined with her "BFFs" while filming her new MTV reality show, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, at Tao Las Vegas

Still, even surrounded by girls vying for her attention, Hilton had one guy on her mind. Wearing a form-fitting, vintage black dress (with a belt wrapped firmly around her stomach), Hilton told PEOPLE that her boyfriend of nearly four months, Benji Madden, is her "best boyfriend". 

Madden, who was on hand wearing black shades, stood back most of the night, along with sister Nicky Hilton and boyfriend David Katzenberg, as his girl took the spotlight. 

Following dinner, Hilton and the girls headed to Tao nightclub where the star of the show was greeted with her song "Stars Are Blind." For the next two hours Hilton smoked cigarettes and danced with the seven remaining contestants on the club's catwalk, all while cameras rolled. 

And the partying wasn't done after Tao, with the group heading to the exclusiveMirage villas for an afterparty where they were entertained by Las Vegas showman and Paris friend Jeff Beacher. 

At the party, Hilton did more to confirm her non-pregnancy by gulping Grey Goose and Patron Silver tequila before she and Madden headed back to their suite at The Venetian. 

"She's clearly not pregnant," said a guest at the afterparty. 

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This week’s National Enquirer states that Queen Latifah plans to marry her partner of five years, personal trainer Jeannette Jenkins, after the groundbreaking ruling in California that legalized same-sex marriages. Latifah has been notoriously tight-lipped about her relationship with Jenkins, and told Ebony Magazine that she was not going to comment on the rumor that Jenkins was her girlfriend. She didn’t deny it, she just got annoyed that someone even asked her the question:

“No comment on that at all. I’m done commenting on all that … It’s ridiculous, I know me and that’s all I need to know.

“And if the readers don’t know me, then that’s one part they aren’t going to get to know. Those are my people but they don’t sleep with me,” she says in a very even tone that is very consistent with her relaxed mood. “It feels so invasive. It’s the one thing I don’t think people need to know about.”

[From Ebony, October 2007 via Jasmyne Cannick]

And she told Essence in September, 2006 ” “If I’m not going to tell you what guy I’m dating, I sure wouldn’t tell you I’m dating a girl.”

So if this is true, it’s a big step for Latifah, who’s never even mentioned Jeannette. She has a lot of high-profile endorsement contracts as well as her movie career, so maybe she fears a backlash if she comes out or just doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business. The Enquirer points out that Jeanette isn’t out, either, and that she “previously denied being gay and once claimed to be engaged to a man.”

In September of last year, Latifah bought Jeannette a new car, a Range Rover she had delivered to surprise her at a restaurant where they were having lunch.

The two are said to be “planning an intimate ceremony with close family and friends,” according to The Enquirer. Latifah has said she would like to adopt a child, particular an American baby, and this may be the first step toward showing her commitment to Jeannette and to providing a stable home life. Congratulations to Latifah and Jeanette if this is true.


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HEROES star HAYDEN PANETTIERE has called on GERI HALLIWELL's hitmaking team to give her stalled music career a boost.
The actress signed deal with Hollywood Records years before her Heroes TV show became a big hit and now she is devoting her time to carving out a pop career.
Her new reggae-flavoured song – Wake Up Call – has been written by Andreas 'Quiz' Romdhane and Josef Larossi, who have previously churned out hits for Halliwell, Diana Ross and Westlife.
And the actress/singer has also landed a major sponsorship deal with U.S. fashion brand Candie's, who will feature the track in a new summer ad campaign.
The company will also pay for the star to shoot a video to accompany the tune.
Panettiere's debut 

Hayden Panettiere picture 1900468
Hayden Panettiere picture 1900434

from contactmusic

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Jessica Alba, 26, and her new husband Cash Warren, 28, had their first child this weekend, a daughter that was born at Cedars Sinai hospital, according to US Weekly. Jessica’s rep would not comment on the supposed arrival, although an earlier report from a tipster to Celebrity Baby Blog had Jessica entering the same hospital in labor on Friday with Cash, carrying birthing balls. (Which are just those big exercise balls and are supposed to help get you into position to open the pelvis for an upright birth and may ease labor pains.)

US reports that Jessica’s father was seen in the maternity ward and was overheard saying “she’s beautiful,” while Cash was spotted bringing in food on Saturday.

If this is true, congratulations to Alba and Warren! I bet we’ll learn the name of the little one soon, and Alba is the type to sit for a magazine spread, so in a month or two there may be lovely photos. She seems like she’ll be a great mom.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are shown at his surprise birthday party on 3/22/08, thanks to WENN.


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As you might have heard, in the Vanity Fair article The Comeback Id, journalist Todd Purdum insinuates that former President Bill Clinton had an affair with actress Gina Gershon. As it turns out, Gina Gershon didn't appreciate that. In an email to gossip columinst, Liz Smith, Gershon called Purdum a "sleazy liar." She says:

    This makes me sick; this irresponsible journalism! Now it is everywhere, and it's a complete lie. They never bothered fact-checking or calling anyone. I am sure it's no accident that this lie was leaked the day before the delegates would vote. I used to love Vanity Fair magazine; now it's just like those tabloid magazines, only without the good horoscopes!"

However, Vanity Fair denied Gershon's lawyers' demand for a retraction and released the following statement to TMZ today:

    Todd Purdum's article does not indicate that former President Bill Clinton had an improper relationship with Gina Gershon. The story merely examines the concerns of some of Clinton's aides about reports of his behavior. We don't believe that any correction is warranted."

Gina Gershon is hot, so for Bill Clinton's sake, I hope this rumor is true. Because it's about time his penis got some good publicity. The chicks it's been in so far look like they should be escaping the circus of being chased by angry villagers. I'm almost positive that when you have sex with Hilary Clinton, the free health clinic gives you a free cyanide capsule. 

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Abbie Cornish
 and Ryan Phillippe's relationship has been on the down low since they costarred in "Stop-Loss." The actress was rumored to be the reason behind his subsequent separation and divorce from Reese Witherspoon.

But with Reese showing up out in public holding hands and smooching with her new love, Jake Gyllenhaal, all's fair in love and divorce. What's good for the goose is good for the gander?

Ryan was at the Australians in Film Breakthrough Awards last night at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. He was watching the exciting NBA basketball game (Lakers and Celtics) in the bar before the festivities began, sitting and chatting about the game with (unbeknownst to him) an L.A. Daily News columnist. Later in the party, Ryan put a hand around Abbie's back for a  little PDA before she won her award.

Accepting her Breakthrough Award from "Stop-Loss" director Kimberly Peirce, Abbie thanked everyone — her director, manager, etc. — but pointedly did not name her costar Ryan, who was standing in the audience on the poolside patio.

Afterward, the couple did pose for photos together on the couch, looking strangely somber and serious for a.) a couple in love and b.) Abbie having just won an award!

Jeez, guys. Lighten up!

The night was also bittersweet when director Gregor Jordan announced the AIF's new Heath Ledger Scholarship and remembered loaning the "old, broke actor" a few hundred bucks early in his career.

"The first thing he does is go into a bar and buy everyone a round of drinks. It was that generosity that somehow sums Heath up. When he had nothing, he still found a way to give to others."

from LATIMES blog.

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Her frock was positively glamorous and her metallic heels and handbag bang on trend but one area escaped Geri Halliwell’s cutting edge style – her underarms.

Ginger Spice gave onlookers more than they bargained for as she flashed her hairy armpits after a night out at Cipriani.

It was rare misstep for the usually impeccably groomed mother-of-one.

Geri Halliwell gave onlookers more than they bargained for as she flashed her hairy armpits last night at Cipriani

Enlarge Geri

The singer threw her hands up in the air after an encounter with a photographer fell head over heels for her as she strutted out of celebrity haunt.

But it wasn't love, just a case of unsteady feet, with the over-zealous snapper taking a tumble in a rush to get a shot of Ginger Spice.

Geri even lost her slipper in a Cinderella moment, but managed to pop it back on without too much fuss. 

Geri Halliwell

Head over heels: Geri had men – well, an unsteady photgrapher – falling at her feet as she left London's Cipriani last night

Barefoot: Geri lost her slipper in the encounter

The singer was at the London restaurant to celebrate Mel B's belated birthday – she turned 33 on at the end of May.

It was the second outing in as many nights for the pair after they both attended the glitzy Glamour Women of the Year awards at Berkley Square on Tuesday night.

Along with Emma Bunton, they collected  the trophy for best band from comedians Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr.

However there was no sign of Melanie C nor  Victoria Beckham at the event.

Posh, it appears, had a prior engagement – she was across the globe at a New York restaurant with a handful of friends.


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