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Ruslana Korshunova was a young supermodel from Kazakhstan living in New York. The gorgeous waif landed several magazine covers with her natural long locks and gorgeous green eyes. Sadly, the young up-and-comer is suspected to have taken her own life on Saturday. She reportedly leapt off the balcony of apartment in New York.

Ruslana Korshunova, 20, whose face graced the cover of French Elle and Russian Vogue, apparently jumped from her ninth-floor apartment in her Water Street building in the Financial District at 2:30 p.m.

[NY Post]

Ruslana was represented by the modeling agency IMG – The same agency that is responsible for Heidi Klum and Kate Moss. She walked the catwalk for Donna Karan, Nina Ricci and Marc Jacobs. She also appeared in ads for Vera Wang and Dior. Jill Stuart and Betsey Johnson were among many designers that employed the green-eyed girl when she was a mere 17 years old. British Vogue had also taken notice of the beauty in 2005 naming her “a face to be excited about.” Korshunova earned the nickname “The Russian Rapunzel” due to her fairytale-like looks.

Friends and family of Ruslana are baffled as to why she would take her own life. She “loved life” according to a close friend. Those who were close to her insist that she never has had a wild child streak or abused drugs. Currently the fatal fall is being ruled a suicide. The police found no evidence of a struggle and construction netting around the balcony appeared to be “deliberately ripped.” Her boyfriend had dropped her off at her one bedroom apartment around 5 in the morning after they finished watching the movie “Ghost.” Her loved ones are unconvinced that she jumped on her own.

Korshunova’s best friend, Kira Titeneva broke down when she arrived at her pal’s apartment late last night.

“We were talking on the phone last night,” she said. “She loved life so much. She was an angel.”

Titeneva, who grew up in her pal’s hometown, said Korshunova “wasn’t wild. She was never on drugs or anything.”

Another friend said that Korshunova seemed to be “on top of the world.”
“There were no signs,” said the pal who did not want to be named. “That’s what’s driving me crazy. I don’t see one reason why she would do that.”

[NY Post]

Even the doorman of her building said she entered the building and gave him a quick smile that morning. He insists that she never seemed depressed and was always smiling. She wrote passages on a social networking site that shared advice and life lessons. Poems she shared all centered around the emotion-fueled subject of desire and love.

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably,” the sandy-haired knockout wrote in a poem that concluded: “And never regret anything that made you smile.

[NY Daily News]

In her last and most recent entry she wrote about the difference between love and desire, warning not to confuse the two. However, three months ago her writing was more somber, stating that she was “so lost” and questioning if she would ever find herself again. In January she wrote about feeling hurt and wished to “fly.” Then in March Ruslana entered a post that was full of anger and frustration stating, “I’m a bitch. I’m a witch.”

“I’m a bitch. I’m a witch. I don’t care what you say!!!” she wrote March 11. “I know what it is. I know why my other relationships didn’t work out, ’cause I’m unpredictable. Why are you afraid of it?”

[NY Daily News]

Such a tragedy. I feel terrible for her family and their loss. The fashion world will be a bit dimmer without her.

Note by Celebitchy: In the article I read, they called the guy she watched Ghost with that night her “ex-boyfriend.” It sounds suspicious to me, but they also say it looks deliberate and like there was no foul play. We’ll have to see what comes out of the investigation.

Update by Celebitchy: She spent her last night with an ex, but Korshunova had a new boyfriend who she was living with. The NY Daily News has more details.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for these photos.


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Australian supermodel and Victoria's secret lingerie  model spotted topless.

Miranda May Kerr (born 20 April 1983[1]) is an Australian model, best known as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. She was the first Australian addition to the Victoria's Secret campaign, and was the face of Australian fashion chain Portmans and now David Jones Limited. Kerr rose to prominence within the fashion industry in her mid-teens after winning a 1997 Australian nation-wide model search hosted by Dolly Magazine and Impulse fragrances. Kerr's career has continued to expand, and as of 2008, she has achieved international fame.[4]

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So last week you had a whole bunch of Abigail Clancy bikini pictures, and those were awesome, but I was hoping that we would get some Abigail Clancy topless pictures too, and I bet you were too. Well, today we’ve finally got some Abbey Clancey topless pictures from her vacation in St. Barts, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it was worth the wait.




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Abigail Clancy also known as Abi Clancy or Abbey Clancy, is an English lingerie and catwalk model who made headlines during the 2006 FIFA World Cup as the girlfriend of England football star Peter Crouch.

– From wikipedia
Egotastic says

"If there's a list of perfect women out there, Abigail Clancy should definitely be somewhere at the top. And if there's a list of lucky bastards out there, then Abbey Clancy's boyfriend, Peter Crouch, should be at the top of that list. All lists aside though, it doesn't get much hotter than these Abigail Clancy bikini pictures"

Abigail Clancy Bikini Pictures

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American supermodel Marisa Miller has supplanted Lindsay Lohan from the top of Maxim's list of the 100 hottest women in the world.  The attractive model, has posed for several photos that have shown a whole lot of skin for the blonde beauty and that is enough to get her to the top of the list and she now gets the nod from the popular Men's magazine.

Marisa Miller Nude Photos Earn Model Top of Maxim's Hot 100 List (Image: Wenn)

The adorable blonde posed topless on the cover and inside the magazine for some incredible pictures for Sports Illustrated for their world famous and always anxiously awaited "Swimsuit 2008" issue.  She wore a blue bikini bottom and some strategically placed blue beads for a top for the red-hot cover shot.


It was Marisa Miller's seventh time in the annual bikini fest of gorgeous women for the sport magazine and the edition featured 19 models and the shoots took place in Israel and Russia for the first time and in the Cayman Islands, St. John, Virgin Islands, and Maui. 

Body painting was back for the 10th year, and 12 NFL cheerleaders participated.  Rounding out the Maxim list was newly engaged actress Scarlett Johansson as she received second place. Jessica Biel and Eva Longoria Parker took third and fourth, respectively. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Elisha Cuthbert, Eva Mendes, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohanand Ashley Tisdale filled out the top 10.


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Highest paid model ever.
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Brazilian Gisele Bundchen is the world's top supermodel with estimated earnings of $35 million during the past year, according to new ranking released on Wednesday.

She more than doubled the estimated $14 million earned byHeidi Klum, who came in at No. 2 on the list by, followed byKate Moss with $7.5 million, Adriana Lima with $7 million and Doutzen Kroes with $6 million. said that although Bundchen finished her lucrative Victoria's Secret contract last year, she continues to juggle 20 other modeling jobs.

"The 27-year-old continues to bag new contracts, noticeably with Pantene and a cosmetics giant yet to be named. Her face graces ads for Disney, Nivea, Vogue eyewear and Aquascutum, the U.K.-based luxury line," said.

"Her line of Grendene sandals, Ipanema by Gisele, banks her about $6 million a year. And her romance with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady keeps her in the tabloids," it added.

The web site said that while Klum is still a Victoria's Secret model, the mother of three is "more of a media and retail mogul" these days with her U.S. "Project Runway" and "Germany's Next Top Model" hosting duties and lines of jewelry, jeans and skincare.

And although Moss lost some important campaigns last year after a drugs scandal, she is still a top earner.

The 15 models listed were ranked primarily by estimated earnings over the past year, said. Where necessary, prestige and relevancy of campaigns, editorials, fashion magazine covers and the opinion of those in the industry were taken into account.

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In 2003 Jodie Marsh’s natural cleavage was a badge of honour in her ongoing feud with nemesis and plastic surgery aficionado Jordan.

But five years on, it’s abundantly clear the glamour model has had a change of heart.


The 29-year-old showed off her new set of 32GGs at the launch of Orchid bar in central London last night.

Faking it: Jodie Marsh showed off her new 32GGs at London’s Orchid last night; the glamour model attempted to one-up her nemesis Jordan by proudly declaring her breasts were real in 2003

Jodie, famous for her minuscule outfits, stayed true to form in a black skimpy fringed bra and low riding jeans for the occasion.

At one point her heaving bust line proved too much, spilling over her tiny lingerie as she piled into a cab at night’s end.


And after posing without make-up earlier this week for a Refuge charity campaign for victims of domestic violence, Jodie’s self-described “drag queen” paint was back as thick as ever.


Boost: the glamour model says she underwent surgery to lift her confidence

“I had got to a point where I wanted to keep my push up bra on in the bedroom! I 100 per cent made the decision to undergo surgery for myself, and I didn’t take the decision lightly.

“After a really difficult last year I wanted to do something that would make me feel good about myself and bring my confidence levels back up.


“The only criticism I have is one with myself and that is that I wish I’d had them done years ago so that I might have felt this amazing for all that time!”


Jodie admitted that she felt pressure to keep up with celebrities who favour a nip and tuck.


She added: “There are so many images of women with amazing fake boobs, I didn’t really feel like mine were good enough.


“I think society has forgotten what real boobs look like, and women like me end up thinking our boobs aren’t nice because they disappear into our armpits when we lie down.



A lesbian porn video featuring Dita Von Teese has finally hit online. Yippeeee!! The Sun reports: 

Explicit clips of the 35-year-old being spanked and pleasured with a bizarre sex toy by women have emerged online. It is a blow to Wonderbra who only launched her as the new face of their famous push-up bra last month. They hoped Dita – real name Heather Sweet – would enhance the company's clean-cut image by designing her own limited edition collection. But the sleazy flick – shot before she rose to fame – will shock lingerie bosses. In one scene the former wife of goth rocker MARILYN MANSON romps with a leggy beauty with a sex toy. In another she cavorts with two stunners in corsets."

I wish all women would be as strong and independent as Dita Von Teese. And when I say "strong and independent" I don't mean by voting, but rather "star in lesbian porn videos." Will it solve all the world's problems? No. Is it a start? Why yes, my friends. Yes. I do believe it is. 


To see the video go to this site
From idontlikeyouthisway

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