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There are said to be nude photos of Anne Hathaway among the effects seized by the FBI in their raid of her boyfriend’s hidden storage space. Hathaway’s boyfriend of four years, Raffaello Follieri, was arrested late last month on federal charges of money laundering and fraud after an elaborate scheme in which he bilked investors out of millions. He claimed to be the CFO of the Vatican and told investors he could get Catholic land in the US at bargain basement prices. Follieri hired church officials to accompany him to meetings and bribed Vatican employees to help him pull off the scheme. Hathaway broke it off with Follieri after his arrest and he is said to be desperate to try and get back in touch with her.

Hathaway’s effects, including her personal diaries, were among the items confiscated by the FBI in their search for evidence in the case against Follieri. Now it seems that nude photos of the actress taken by her ex were also found. Her brother was seen trying to retrieve items from the storage which the FBI had raided the day before, and it’s possible he was looking specifically for those pictures.

The Enquirer has learned exclusively that her ex-lover Raffaello Follieri took naked photos of the actress. Follieri was arrested June 24 and charged with 11 counts of fraud and money laundering…

In additional to the naked photos he took of Anne, 25, he also prized a sizzling photo of her in black fishnet stockings, a garter belt and bustier that totally exposed her top. Follieri, 30, supposedly paid a very famous photographer to take that steamy shot.

The Enquirer learned that just recently, Anne’s brother Michael tried to gain access to a hidden storage room in the Bronx where Follieri had storied some of his and Anne’s belongings after he moved out of his apartment.

“Michael went to the storage facility, but was told he was a day late. The day before (July 15), FBI agents had removed numerous documents, photos and what were believed to be Anne’s diaries from the storage room….

Michael was told that he could not get into the room or take anything out.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 11, 2008]

Follieri is now in NY’s Metropolitan Correctional Center and the Enquirer notes that he has been unable to raise bail, which has been set at $21 million. He is an obvious flight risk considering the depths of his lies and his ties to Italy.

Hathaway appeared topless in Brokeback Mountain, so it’s not like her image will be ruined if these are average nude photos and they get out. Maybe the FBI will keep them safe though and she doesn’t have much to worry about.

Anne Hathaway is shown promoting Get Smart with the cast in London on 7/10/08. Credit: WENN


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Meet Vivienne & Knox Jolie-Pitt | Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

They are just 3 weeks old, but twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline are about to take the world by storm. 

In an exclusive interview and photos, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie offer PEOPLE an intimate look at their growing family. 

"It is chaos, but we are managing it and having a wonderful time," Jolie tells PEOPLE of daily life at the Château Miraval in Provence, France, where the couple's four older children – Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 2 – have been enjoying a summer of outdoor play (hide-and-seek is a favorite) on the château's sprawling grounds.

Adds Pitt: "[It's] still a cuckoo's nest." 

Fortunately, they already have some household helpers. "[Shiloh] and Z pick out [the twins'] clothes and help change and hold them," says Jolie. "It's sweet – they are little mommies." 

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Just like all of us, cold hard cash puts a smile on MiserAlba's permanent grouch face. TMZ reports that MiserAlba has gone and joined the Baby Whoring Club by selling the first pictures of Baby Honor for a cheap $1.5 million to OK! Magazine. Seriously, Matthew McConaughey got $3 million and MiserAlba only got $1.5?! I'm disappointed in that mean ass bitch.

A source said that at first MiserAlba turned down offers from the weeklies, but eventually gave in when the price was right. Hey, she's a pimp that knows her baby's worth. The deal includes the first pictures of Honor as well as some other events like Christmas or MiserAlba's divorce party. The pictures were already taken this week.

MiserAlba could have made more money by adding extras. She should have told their asses that if they want her to fake smile, that's an extra million. And if they actually want her to hold the baby, that's another $500,000.

MiserAlba also owes it to her daughter to put that money in a "Change Your Name Fund."


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So last week you had a whole bunch of Abigail Clancy bikini pictures, and those were awesome, but I was hoping that we would get some Abigail Clancy topless pictures too, and I bet you were too. Well, today we’ve finally got some Abbey Clancey topless pictures from her vacation in St. Barts, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it was worth the wait.




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Abigail Clancy also known as Abi Clancy or Abbey Clancy, is an English lingerie and catwalk model who made headlines during the 2006 FIFA World Cup as the girlfriend of England football star Peter Crouch.

– From wikipedia
Egotastic says

"If there's a list of perfect women out there, Abigail Clancy should definitely be somewhere at the top. And if there's a list of lucky bastards out there, then Abbey Clancy's boyfriend, Peter Crouch, should be at the top of that list. All lists aside though, it doesn't get much hotter than these Abigail Clancy bikini pictures"

Abigail Clancy Bikini Pictures

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are about to release their latest production, their twins, into the world. Like every expectant mother they have things to plan – what hospital will my baby be born at? Breastfeed or bottle feed? Which magazine will buy the pictures for the most cash?

The bidding for the Brangelina twins pics has reached a whopping $15 million — and will probably go a lot higher.

Our magazine spies tell us only PEOPLE and OK! are left standing in the bidding war. One spy says the pics are so valuable they would “print blank pages” the rest of year to get them.

Can a weekly mag actually recoup all that cash? Probably not, but it doesn’t matter. The prestige is what counts.

No deal has been inked yet. Brad’s peeps didn’t return our calls. A PEOPLE rep says, “We’d love to see the photos in PEOPLE. We wish the family well” OK!’s rep refused to address a dollar figure, but admits they’d be “foolish” not to make a play for the photos.

We’re told the $$$$ Brad and Angie get will go to charity.


$15 million dollars is going to be wonderful for the charity it will go to, but that is a lot of money for pictures of two little babies. Particularly when babies just look like babies, they aren’t really very interesting. Jennifer Lopez was paid $4-6 million for her twins by People, the same magazine that bought Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s picture for $4.1 million, which is the most expensive picture of a single child to date.

The bidding for the pictures got very heated following the innacurate reports that Angelina had given birth at the weekend. If the price is already around $15 million, by August these pictures could give several charities a financial boost.

I don’t believe those babies are due as late as August, but if they are, I’m feeling really sorry for Angelina Jolie. Sure, pregnancy might make you feel sexy, but she is just enormous for someone around the seven month mark, even taking into account that those are twins.

At the end of March the price of the pictures was put around $10 million, so maybe the price really has reached $15 million.


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Canadian singer and Lilith Fair founder Sarah McLachlan is 40 and has two children, India Ann Sushil Sood, 6, and Taja Summer Sood, 11 months. McLachlan has been married to the drummer in her band, Ashwin Sood, for 10 years. She was photographed looking super fit in a bikini in Hawaii yesterday. The woman has no stomach, her arms are tight, and she looks awesome.

But consider what TMZ had to say yesterday about how she looked in her black bikini. This was titled: “Sarah McLachlan: Lilith Not-So Fair”

Nineties singer Sarah McLachlan got jiggly wit it on the beach in Hawaii.
The super talented 40-year-old mother of two showed off her sexy, pudgy thighs — and flat tummy — on Monday.

[From TMZ]

Do you think the writers for The Daily Mail are doing remote work for TMZ or does the misogynist meme just infect a lot of the people who gossip online? We’re guilty of it too – I feel bad for calling celebrities pregnant when they’re not, particularly skinny Kate Hudson. I don’t see anything pudgy or particularly giggly about McLachlan though and she should be proud of her body. I wish I looked like that! McLachlan reminds me that I need to hit the damn gym.

Thanks to Splash News for these photos.



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I do not want to cover this story but I will do it anyways. Thats my job after all . See reactions from different sources on this wedding + Jessica simpson's slutty grinding action (girl has lost it).


Joe Simpson is a friggin' genius. Not only does he sell photo rights of his daughter's wedding to People, but also of Jessica Simpson drunk as shit at the reception – which makes the cover. Awww. Ashlee's wedding really was a magical princess fairy tale dream come true. For Joe Simpson. Except that part where his little girl married some asshat, whats-his-name? Right, Chins Magoo.


People Magazine has posted the cover of their upcoming issue with the super expensive photos of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson‘s “Fantasy Wedding!” and it’s not the interesting. Ashlee and Pete have their fringed-banged heads together and are smiling like any pose you would see of the two of them on the red carpet. Ashlee wears a simple white veil and pearl drop earrings and Pete has on a tux with a white bow tie and a black rose corsage.

The best part of the photo isn’t newlyweds Ashlee and Pete, but the embarrassed-looking bulldog wearing a flouncy neck piece adorned with black beads. Jessica Simpson and her maybe ex-boyfriend, Tony Romo, are shown in an inset photo dancing at the reception, with Jessica pulling a wide-mouthed face while Tony laughs.

People reports that the reception was “the ultimate rocker event” and included 10,000 “black magic” roses, chandeliers and red and black decorations.

Ashlee wore “an ivory lace Monique Lhuillier gown and a cathedral-length veil” andPeople notes that the “nondenominational ceremony [was] officiated by her father, Joe Simpson.”

The event was attended by 150 guests, but you get to see it in People for the price of the magazine. It’s doubtful this issue will sell well enough to justify the reported $1 million that the photos were said to have cost. There’s not a lot of interest in these two, but we’re sure to see more of them as Ashlee’s pregnancy starts to show and they sell the inevitable first baby photos for an even steeper price.

Thanks to People for the header image.


Hemingway the bulldog looks like he's trying to hold in the vomit. Hemingway, don't look behind you or the chunks will start a flowing! Hell, don't look down either, Hemingway! Nowhere is safe.

Yes, it's Hemingway with two twats on the cover of People magazine. IfAsshole and Vagina in their wedding outfits doesn't make you barf, thenJessica Simpson bumping and grinding on Tony Romo will definitely bring on the heaves. Jessica thinks she's so fucking hot. Romo is laughing through the pain.


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Kim Kardashian has produced a calendar of photos of herself. This special event marked the first anniversary celebration of her relationship with her boyfriend,Reggie Bush. Reggie played professional football for NFL and Kim wore his shirt in one of the shots.

Kim has admitted to using laser treatment to remove cellulite on certain areas. After the meltdown, she posed for her calendar pictures with greater confidence. Prior to this, there had been buzz about celebrities who had cottage cheese on thighs and bottoms.

Kim was all praise for laser treatment. She recommended it. It was also said that Kim used laser to remove unwanted hair on her body.

Look at Cher’s 6 hair styles here.

Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge the pic.



from stupidcelebrities

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Mimi and Nick Cannon's wedding pictures are in the new issue of People Magazine. Mimi looks like she's eyeing the buffet and Nick is smiling, because he just won the lottery. Sigh. Hopefully, Mimi will give People exclusive rights to her divorce pictures in a couple of months.

Mimi told the mag that she feels Nick is her "soulmate." Nick said, "I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me. She is beautiful on the outside and 10 times as beautiful on the inside." She's very beautiful on the inside because she's filled with donuts, cupcakes and candy! Those are all beautiful and delicious things.

The cover should have said, "Mimi is DICKMATIZED." I hope that dick is making her slap somebody, because this mess is not going to end well.


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