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Salma Hayek and her glorious chichis went on Britain's "This Morning" show today to talk about her campaign with UNICEF and Pampers (I love the way she says "Pampers") to eradicate tetanus, when the lezzie cat was almost let out of the toobelt.

On live television, Salma said she was half Lebanese. One of the show's hosts, Eamonn Holmes, had trouble hearing what she said and asked, "You're a lesbian?" Salma laughed it off and slowly said she was LEBANESE. Eamonn ended things by saying, "Oh sorry, I thought you were half lesbian. Forgive me."

I see what Eamonn was doing there. He was trying to catch Salma pussy handed! Eamonn, next time Salma says she's half Lebanese. Don't ask her if she's half lesbian. Just shout, "You like to chow on the pussy?!" Gayelles respond better to bluntness.


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Paris Hilton's Cold Reaction to McCain Commercial | John McCain, Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton distanced herself Thursday from John McCain's campaign commercial likening Barack Obama to the heiress and Britney Spears

"Miss Hilton was neither asked, nor did she give permission, for the use of her likeness in the ad, and has no further comment," her rep said in a statement. 

In the campaign ad from the Republican presidential hopeful, images of Spears, Hilton and Democratic challenger Obama appear on the screen as a voiceover says, "He's the biggest celebrity in the world. But is he ready to lead?" 

Spears's rep has declined to comment.

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Shanna Moakler and Kim Kardashian are involved in a high school level feud over whether Kim had an affair with Travis Barker, Shanna’s on-off-on-probably-off ex-husband. It gives me a headache just to read the drivel they’re hurling back and forth, but Kardashian’s response seems to make the most sense and sum up the issue best: Moakler accused Kardashian of having an affair with Barker, which would mean she cheated on her boyfriend, Reggie Bush. Kardashian was a model for Barker’s clothing line and says their relationship was purely professional. Plus, she says Travis isn’t her type anyway. Here’s Kardashian’s response to Moakler:

“I was a model for Famous Stars and Straps clothing line owned by Travis Barker. I ONLY had a professional relationship with Travis, in which he hired me to represent his brand for one season, which was a year and a half ago.”

[From The Dirty via TMZ]

While Kardashian’s response may be more measured and easier to follow, we shouldn’t pass up Moakler’s priceless interviews and MySpace entries, which make her sound clearly in the wrong, antagonistic and self-obsessed to boot. This isn’t the first rant against a perceived wrong Moakler has posted. She’s written nasty things about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in the past and even put up their contact information in a bid to get back at Lohan for claiming that Moakler hacked her myspace.

Apparently Kardashian and Moakler got into a fight at a barbeque in which Moakler accused Kardashian of sleeping with Barker and then proceeded to try and throw a drink at her – which landed on Kardashian’s foot instead. Moakler described the incident in an interview with, and proceeded to call Kardashian fat:

Yea, we heard you had a little altercation with someone at Carmen Electra’s bbq. Is that true?

Shanna: Yea! I was at this bbq and I saw what I thought was a donkey posing on the stairs but much to my surprise, it was Kim Kardashian. No, wait, it was a donkey! She’s soooo f*cking fat! She’s 5′2″ and she’s like 140. She was wearing a sarong to cover her huge big ass! I like a nice ass but hers is not a nice ass!

[From The]

The way Moakler describes it, she then talked to Reggie Jackson, Kardashian’s boyfriend, and warned him that she had cheated on him. Moakler claims to have e-mails stolen from Kardashian’s sidekick that the were sent to Travis Barker trying to get him to hook up with her. She doesn’t describe the fight in that interview.

Moakler wrote an entry on her myspace acknowledging the fight on July 24, but on July 21 she complained that Kardashian distracted some paparazzi she called and said Kardashian “could never get Travis drunk enough” to sleep with her. Then a few days later she admitted she had “a [sic] incident” with her at a party:

I absolutely had a incident at a recent BBQ, it was long over due and I don’t regret it, I had reasons and they were my own, and some of them very painful. I had a feeling the other party would run off to Perez and they did amongst some other things and so I had to go to bat, don’t be pissed cause I speak my mind and I don’t need a PR firm to blow smoke up all your asses…even thou I know you like it…I personally don’t care. I live for me and my family.

[From Shanna Moakler’s myspace]

TMZ reports that Kardashian’s response to Moakler was that Barker wasn’t her type at all. Moakler then responded by saying that Kardashian has dated plenty of white guys. Maybe she doesn’t like skinny white guys who look like rats and that’s what she meant:

Come on Kim, Let the truth be told! You have dated numerous white guys. Your quote saying that you are not into white guys is a sham – not a SHIM like you! How about you just be honest Kim and say, “Shanna, I’m sorry for f’n with your man!” It’s that simple… then you can deal with the aftermath from Reggie, you know- your man that you cheated on!”

[From The Dirty]

I feel like I’ve regressed just trying to follow that argument. Shanna Moakler could make anyone look like the more responsible party, and in this case Kardashian seems positively noble in comparison. If Moakler’s just trying to get press she picked a good time since it’s the middle of the summer and most celebrities are vacationing or promoting films, not picking fights online.

Kim Kardashian is shown on 7/22/08, Credit: WENN. Shanna Moakler is shown on 5/21/08 and with Travis Barker on 6/7/08. Credit: WENN and Splash


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Ronnie Wood has left his wife of 23 years for an 18-year-old Russian cocktail waitress, it was claimed today.

The Rolling Stone, 61, is said to have taken Ekaterina Ivanova to his home
in Ireland, leaving his wife Jo behind at the family home in Kingston upon

Wood, an alcoholic who is said to have 'fallen off the wagon', met her three months ago after the Leicester Square premiere of Martin Scorsese’s documentary about the Rolling Stones, Shine A Light.

Enlarge Ron Wood

The other woman: Ekaterina Ivanova is said to have run away with rocker Ronnie Wood following an extra-marital affair

Jo, 53, said she believed the pair had gone on a painting holiday together.

'They’re not boyfriend and girlfriend — not in that way.'

However, Ekaterina has been using Facebook to tell friends she and the
guitarist are having a relationship.

A friend told The Sun: 'She is absolutely besotted with Ronnie. She has told everyone Ronnie has left his wife for her and they are a full-on item.

'Ekaterina said Jo had told her she knew what was going on and begged her not to take her husband away. She claimed she told Jo, ‘ I am not taking him. He is leaving.’

Jo Wood

Defiant: Jo Wood, pictured at Cipriani's restaurant last night, has denied the affair claims

A source close to Wood told the paper: 'Ronnie is not being his normal self. He is an alcoholic and he’s fallen off the wagon.

'He is drinking two bottles of vodka a day and there is no way he would be behaving like this if he was sober.

Ron Wood

Trouble: Ronnie and wife Jo, here at his book signing event last year

'He went out and found himself a drinking partner — that is what this girl is. He knows that his family wouldn’t tolerate him behaving like this so he has run away to go and drink himself crazy.'

Woods has a long history of alcoholism and has tried – and failed – to conquer his addiction on numerous occasions.

The musician, who has also battled cocaine addiction, first acknowledged his drink problem in June 2000, when he admitted himself to the Priory for 10 days.

After coming out, he swore he would reform and even started drinking alcohol-free beer, but within a few weeks he had relapsed.

A failed second spell in The Priory in April 2001 was followed by a two-week stay at the tough Cottonwood Clinic in Arizona a year later, where clients have included Kate Moss, Paul Gascoigne and Naomi Campbell.

Again, he vowed to stay sober, only to be seen a few weeks later on the London party circuit clearly the worse for wear.

In March 2004, he was admitted once again to The Priory after being found inebriated underneath a restaurant table. And almost exactly a year later, in March 2005, he checked into an Irish clinic after getting drunk at wife's 50th birthday party.

In 2006, after celebrating his 59th birthday party in typically riotous fashion, he checked into The Priory, in Roehampton, London, for an intense five-day drying out session.

During their marriage, Jo made no secret of her dislike of her husband's drinking habits, which is also understood to deeply upset his adult children Leah, Tyrone and Jessie.

Ron Wood

Icon: Ronnie (centre) poses with director Martin Scorsese (second right) alongside Rolling Stones bandmates Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Mick Jagger


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A pouty Paris Hilton left Hollywood hotspot Coco de Ville last night with sister Nicky, and word on the street is that the socialite was involved in a fight with a fellow clubgoer!

Eyewitnesses tell "Extra" that a female club patron slugged Paris — leaving Miss Hilton with a bruise by her left eye. Stars are almost blinded!

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Will Smith has strongly denied rumors that he is a Scientologist, but being best buds with the World’s Most Famous Hubbard Freak (actor Tom Cruise) may have finally gotten to the Fresh Prince.

Life & Style spies claim Will was chatting up the unorthodox religion to anyone who would listen on the set of his new film, Hancock, opening July 4th.

Say it ain’t so, Will?!

“He gave out Scientology-like pamphlets at the end of the shoot,” says biographer Andrew Morton, who published an unauthorized biography on Kooky Cruise last Winter.

“It’s also been said that he and Jada are homeschooling their children in Scientology methods,” Morton insists.

Will and Jada are also rumored to be financing the New Village Academy, a Scientology-associated school to open in Calabasas, California this Fall.

Morton explains: “So between that, the pamphlets, the school in Calabasas, and his close friendship with Tom, it seems all the evidence leads one to conclude that he is a part of this organization.”


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Hahaha! Wonky looks like she got sprayed down with wet doody. Doody tan! It looks like the liquid caca got all over her dress too or maybe that fugly rag just came that way.

She looks like one of Tommy Girl's used condoms. Nast. Somebody needs to tell this ho that looking like a greasy chicken bone is "not hot."

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Things aren’t looking so bad for Kevin Federline anymore. The former punch line to many a joke – and really anything involve the words ‘douche bag’ or ‘wifebeater’ – has actually managed to get a bit of a career going for himself, besides being a professional baby daddy. K-Fed’s musical skills are legendarily laughable, but he does have something going for him: his looks.


Before you yell at me… okay once you’re done yelling at me… in the right light – when you forget that he’s Kevin Federline – he can actually be kinda hot. I remember seeing him un-douched for the first time in Details magazine three or four years ago when he was still married to Britney, and I couldn’t believe it was the same person. He was damn hot. Then I read the accompanying interview, and all the hotness melted away. But if he does like a good model should: keeps his mouth shut and just stands there and looking pretty – he might have a good career for a little bit. And Federline’s recently received some offers.

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Page SixPhoto

THE Puppy Store on Melrose Avenue in LA deserves an ASPCA award. Over the weekend, spies said, Paris Hilton was on her way to a photo shoot and "wanted a puppy in the picture with her so it would look cuter." Hilton waltzed in and tried to buy a Yorkie but was rebuffed by an employee who said it was clearly "an impulse buy." Hilton, who has a menagerie of neglected animals, went "ballistic," we're told. "She started screaming, 'I love my puppies! I want my baby!'" – but to no avail. The store had no comment.


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A mother daughter bonding day went awry for Hollywood star Jennifer Garner after she locked her car keys in her Lexus, along with her two-year-old daughter Violet.

The actress was sent into a quite panic after piling the toddler into the back seat without realising she was clutching the only key.

But thankfully Violet proved rather obedient, and was freed from the vehicle after a few patient instructions about how to unlock the door from her mother.

Oh no! Jennifer Garner locks her keys and her daughter in her Lexus during a shopping  trip to Brentwood 

With the crisis averted, the pair happily carried on their shopping day with a visit to Brentwood Country Mart in California.

Jennifer, who is married to fellow silver screen star Ben Affleck, recently revealed the couple plan to expand their family – just not yet.

Asked when she plans to have more children, the 36-year-old replied: 'Sometime. I don't know. I have to think about that one.'

For now she is focusing on Violet, and of course, her successful film career.

She is currently working on the comedy This Side of Truth with director Ricky Gervais, and next up will film the rom com The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey.


Crisis averted! After following mum's instructions, Violet unlocked the car door


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