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LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Hugh Hefner is down a girlfriend.
Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison, one of E!'s "The Girls Next Door," are no longer dating.

Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison, one of E!'s "The Girls Next Door," are no longer dating.

Hefner and Holly Madison, one of E!'s "The Girls Next Door," are no longer dating. Hefner said he's been "down in the dumps" about the split.

The 28-year-old model-actress stars in the reality series with Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt as one of the 82-year-old publisher's girlfriends who live with Hefner in the Playboy Mansion.

"If Holly says it's over, I guess it's over," Hefner said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "She's still here in the house. Until a few days ago, we were still sharing the same bed."

Hefner was surprised to hear Madison discussing their breakup, but acknowledged he knew a split was imminent after he told Madison that they would never wed or have children.

In a video posted on Tuesday, Madison said she's no longer with Hefner. She also said she is "still filming stuff together" with Wilkinson and Marquardt.

Hefner said Madison learned the pair would never have children or get married six months ago, adding: "The fact that she was depressed after that, I didn't know at all. That was a revelation in the last days and weeks. Quite frankly, we thought when the time came, we would make a combined statement and we expected that combined statement would be somewhere in the weeks and months ahead."

"The Girls Next Door" premiered on E! in 2001 and is in its fifth season. Hefner said he and the three women are committed to a sixth season, but he plans to seek out new live-in lovers. Hefner said 19-year-old Playmate twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon are living in the mansion, but they aren't his girlfriends — yet.

"It's now apparent there will be some new faces in my personal life and on the show," he said. "There's been moments that I've been down in the dumps about all this, and (personal assistant) Mary (O'Connor) told me to cheer up and pointed out that there are girls lined up outside the front gate. At my age, that's hard to believe, but it seems to be true."

Hefner's relationship with his remaining two girlfriends — Marquardt, 35, and Wilkinson, 23 — may also be in flux. Hefner said Marquardt is in Europe filming the new Travel Channel series "Bridget's Beaches," and Wilkinson may soon move out of the mansion and get her own apartment. Hefner said E! is interested in spin-offs with all three women.

The Playboy mogul expects to maintain a business relationship and friendship with Madison, who — along with Marquardt — originally was one of seven girlfriends living with Hefner in 2001 after his separation from Kimberley Conrad. Wilkinson was later asked to move into the Playboy Mansion in 2004. Hefner said he may again seek out seven — or more — girlfriends.

"It's a big house," he said. "And I'm not going to live alone. I'm definitely not going to live alone."


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Sarah Palin is officially a legend! Hustler Video is shooting a porn with a look-alike titled "Nailin' Paylin." The spelling is sic and so is Hustler. You betcha!

The faux Sarah is Lisa Ann, who "will be nailing the Russians who come knocking on her back-door." In another scene — a flashback — "young Paylin's creationist college professor will explain a 'big bang' theory even she can't deny!"

The video is in pre-production, but is being fast tracked for release before the election.


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Mischa Barton slips out of her dress as she leaves the Fashion For Relief fundraiser, held at the BFC tent at the Natural History Museum in London

Mischa leans over … star suffers dress slip in cab

MISCHA BARTON treated a lucky London cabbie to more than just her fare money last night.

The Hollywood beauty inadvertently flashed a boob at the taxi driver after popping out of her dress, as she leaned over to open the car door.

Sexy Mischa was arriving at the Fashion For Relief show at the Natural History Museum when she fell victim to the wardrobe malfunction.

Maybe she misread the venue’s name and thought she was heading to the Au Naturale Museum.

But Mischa’s fashion faux-pas did nothing to slow down the party girl, who was later spotted downing triple vodkas into the wee hours at Zavvi’s 1st anniversary rooftop party in Oxford Street.

Party animal ... Mischa attends another bash

Party animal … Mischa attends another bash

The O.C. star arrived at the do at 11pm, immediately tucking into the free-flowing booze and refusing to use the ladies’ loos, according to onlookers.

One witness said: “Mischa was up to mischief, ordering triple vodka cranberries all night and running around like a mad woman.

“She dropped a drink on a security man’s foot and would only use the private disabled toilet.”

from SUN.CO.UK

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Lynne Spears tell-all book Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World is remarkably jam-packed with action for an evangelical book about parenting. Lynne reveals Britney started knocking back booze at 13 and, with her mom's help, tricked Justin Timberlake into thinking she was a virgin when really Britney nailed a football player at 14. The best part is: Justin fell for it! Oh, man, these Disney kids are dumb. Although, that could just be the drink. NY Daily Newshas the details:

The pop icon took a liking to booze when she was a 13-year-old Mouseketeer and began experimenting with drugs at 15.

By age 16, Britney's wild-child behavior stunned her family when she was caught with cocaine and marijuana on a private jet, Lynn Spears claims.

She admits she allowed her then 16-year-old daughter to sleep with Timberlake, her Mickey Mouse Club co-star, and went along with the hoax that Britney was a virgin. Lynne Spears reveals Timberlake was misled and that Britney lost her virginity to a Kentwood, La., high school football player.

I'm starting to think the title of the book should've been Through the Storm – of Shit that I Created Because I Have the Parenting Skills of a Lawnmower. I mean, Christ, what was the point of this thing? Other than to surprise us all that Britney hasn't stripped naked and hijacked a school bus yet. That was the point? Well then, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


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Nicole Scherzinger Pictures

Here is Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls with her useless backup dancers in bikinis on a yacht. I believe Nicole is dating F1’s Lewis Hamilton but I’m not too sure, nor do I really care, I’m just giving you the info as I read it. All I care about is when the Pussycat Dolls are finally going to get naked because honestly, this has been the longest striptease I’ve ever witnessed from a bunch of glorified strippers.

Nicole Scherzinger Pictures Nicole Scherzinger Pictures Nicole Scherzinger Pictures

Nicole Scherzinger Pictures Nicole Scherzinger Pictures Nicole Scherzinger Pictures

Nicole Scherzinger Pictures Nicole Scherzinger Pictures Nicole Scherzinger Pictures

Nicole Scherzinger Pictures Nicole Scherzinger Pictures

from hollywoodtuna

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Britney Spears is set to play a killer lesbian stripper in Quentin Tarantino's next movie.

The troubled singer is Tarantino's first choice to play a deranged dancer called Varla in the remake of 1965 cult film 'Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!'.

Britney Spears

A movie insider said: "Quentin is convinced Britney will be brilliant.

"Britney is delighted, she thinks it could turn her career and her life around. A successful film could help her get out of her current nightmare.

"It is perfect Tarantino material. He wanted to get Britney first. She's playing the most important character."

In the film, Varla – who was originally played by Tura Satana – leads a trio of violent strippers and kills a man with her bare hands.

Tarantino is now trying to persuade two other leading Hollywood beauties to sign up.


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Prior to the evening’s Teen Choice Awards show, Rihanna and Chris Brown made sure to fit in a little quality time with one another back at their hotel on Sunday afternoon (August 3).

The “Take A Bow” singer and her R&B stud boyfriend were spotted relaxing and getting cozy in their hotel’s hot tub – with the duo sipping drinks as Rihanna helped Chris out with his complexion woes by popping a zit for him.

As previously reported by Gossip Girls, Chris was on hand later in the evening at FOX’s annual 2008 Teen Choice Awards, although Rihanna was nowhere to be seen.

During the course of the night, the “With You” singer snatched up four surfboards – winning for Choice Hook-Up (for his duet with Jordin Sparks on “No Air"), Music Male Artist, Music R&B Artist and Music R&B Track.

Article Pictures (Click To Enlarge):

 Rihanna  Rihanna   Rihanna   Rihanna

 Rihanna  Rihanna   Rihanna


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July 25, 2008

brooke hogan bikini

Here are some pics of Brooke Hogan whoring it up in a bikini. A lot of people criticize Brooke for looking like a dude and I say it is a valid criticism….the only thing that might lead you to believe otherwise are her big tits, but other than that her face, her stature, her big hands and her big feet make me you believe that Hulk Hogan had two sons. I watch a minute of her reality show before I felt the bile in my stomach churning. Its pretty much unwatchable and bet left to guys who get off to trannys.

brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami
brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami
brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami
brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami brooke hogan bikini miami
brooke hogan bikini miami

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LOS ANGELES —  It can’t be easy sharing your (82-year-old) boyfriend with two other busty blondes, but for the past five years, Kendra WilkinsonHolly Madison and Bridget Marquardthave all managed to stay on asHugh Hefner‘s leading ladies.

Hugh Hefner with girlfriends Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison (right) who he plans to marry.

Hugh Hefner with girlfriends Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison (right) 

So what makes it work? According to Wilkinson, it is the time spent apart that helps them all stay together.

"We are three very different people — we’re doing very different things with our lives and we don’t step on each other’s toes," she told Pop Tarts at Ryan Sheckler‘s X Games Celebrity Golf Tournament in California on Tuesday. "If we all wanted the same thing it wouldn’t have worked, because that’s where all the drama would have started, but we’re like the Spice Girls — I’m the sporty one. We are on different roads and they don’t intersect. We don’t spend time together every day — girls just can’t do that."

But it seems as though Kendra’s road might be leading her away from the iconic Playboy Mansion sometime soon. After five years of hopping about, the "Girl Next Door" says she's getting ready to swap parties for parenting.

"I was only 18 when I first moved in and I’ve grown up so much. I really have a new light on my life," Wilkinson said. "I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage and kids; I don’t care about going crazy and partying anymore. I’m focused on the real life things, my future. That’s who I am now."

Speaking of the current Kendra, this gal has seriously transformed her little bod from toned to super-toned. According to the starlet, results stem from doing "simple things like running and sit-ups" and drinking "lots and lots of carrot juice."

Khloe Kardashian Says She Doesn't Have a Drinking Problem, but Her Brother Also Drinks and Drives

Just 10 days ago, Khloe Kardashian paid a (quick) visit to the pokey for violating the terms of her 2007 DUI arrest and is currently serving out the remainder of an alcohol-education program. But the reality starlet assured Pop Tarts that this time she's really learned her lesson.

"My experience was such an awakening, but in an amazing way," she told us at Malibu’s Project BeachHouse for the Big Mac anniversary party on Sunday. "Thank God I never got into an accident — I’m glad it happened the way it did for me. God forbid I could have hit or killed someone."

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A BLONDE stripper today reveals that the baseball star romantically linked to Madonna hit hot away- from-home runs with her while his wife was PREGNANT.

Candice Houlihan today pitches into Madge’s marriage crisis with a sizzling account of how Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez —the David Beckham of baseball—secretly romped with her in wild nights of passion.

Muscular New York Yankees ace Rodriguez—now being divorced by wife Cynthia who has cited the singer as the other woman—seduced shapely Candice by THROWING her over his shoulder and CARRYING her to bed.

IN TROUBLE: Madonna's marriage to Guy is rocky

“If it’s true Madonna has sampled Alex’s charms, then she’ll know what I mean when I say she’s a lucky lady,” says 32-year-old Candice.

“And if not then I can tell her he is the most amazing lover she’ll ever have and she should give it a whirl.

“I know she’s very sexually experienced but I bet even she hasn’t experienced anything like Alex before.”

Madonna, 49, has denied rumours of an affair with 32-year-old Rodriguez as she and movie director husband Guy Ritchie try to patch up their troubled marriage. But Candice says sex with him was so incredible she COULDN’T RESIST the hunk when he wielded his bat—even AFTER she discovered Cynthia was expecting his baby. “What he can do to satisfy a woman is amazing—he’s very gifted in that department,” she says.

“The two nights I shared with him were magical and given half the chance I would do it again in a heartbeat—even though I felt bad when I found out about his wife. In that way he’s just like any other guy.”

Candice met the top Major League batter — paid $27.5 million a season—at a game between the Yankees and her hometown team Boston Red Sox.

Randy Rodriguez made his advances to her while she was on the sidelines and he was warming up with team mates.

“She agreed to meet the 6ft 3star for a drink after the game but thought he was only joking—until he showed up at the city’s Saint club where they downed tequila shots and Sex on the Beach cocktails. “He sat right next to me and for about an hour we talked non-stop. It was clear he was interested in me and I was definitely interested in him,” says Candice.

“Alex asked if my friend, her boyfriend and I wanted to go back to his hotel for some drinks. In the back of the taxi he kissed me for the first time—and I knew then what else was on the cards.”

After an hour partying in his suite the other couple left and A-Rod made his move.

“As soon as the door shut behind them Alex smiled at me, picked me up with his huge muscly arms and threw me over his shoulder. I felt like the luckiest girl alive,” says Candice.

SPLIT: A-Rod and wife Cynthia

“He is so strong and easily carried me into his bedroom area and gently put me down on the bed and began taking off his clothes. Then he slipped off my short denim mini skirt and hot pink sweater so we were both naked. We had the most amazing sex for about two hours. Alex was a very generous lover and he knew there was more than one person to satisfy.

“We were pretty creative too and did it in loads of positions.”

Next morning when Candice left Rodriguez he kissed her and took her phone number.

Later in the day the smitten beauty did an internet search on her star date and was shocked to find his wife was pregnant.

She says: “I didn’t regret sleeping with him but I felt bad when I found that out. I was disappointed that Alex was that kind of man.”

But not disappointed enough to tell him where to go when he called her again months later in October 2004.

“The Yankees were in town but I didn’t expect to hear from him,” she said. “Then my phone went off and it was him asking if I wanted to go over and see him at the team hotel again. I was up for some fun so I thought, ‘what the hell’.

“It was really nice to see him again. We chatted very briefly but it was clear what he wanted and we were soon stripping off. Alex and I had sex in his bed for almost an hour again in a variety of positions.

“Then we lay in bed making small talk—then we did it again. At about 11pm he told me he would love for me to stay but he had to play an early game the next day.


“So I got dressed, gathered my stuff and left and I have not heard from him since. I knew what it was all about and I have no problem with that. I was not looking for anything more. I knew he had a wife and that we could take this no further, that was just the way it was. But I think her divorcing him is the smart thing to do. A leopard never changes his spots.”

Last week lawyers representing Cynthia Rodriguez announced she was divorcing her husband of five years on the grounds of “extra marital affairs and marital misconduct” and cited his relationship with Madonna as “the final straw”.

Madonna took the unusual step of issuing a statement denying that she and Rodriguez were having an affair. She said: “I know Alex Rodriguez through Guy Oseary, who manages both of us. I brought my kids to a Yankee game. I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez.”

But A-Rod’s wife and her lawyers are unconvinced. Cynthia, 34—who gave birth to their daughter Natasha just a few weeks after her husband’s romp with Candice—has already endured the shame last year of revelations that he had cavorted with exotic dancer Joslyn Morse in a strip club in Toronto.

Candice was not shocked to hear of Rodriguez being linked to Madonna. She says: “I think Alex is definitely her type. He is successful, gorgeous, athletic and tanned, what woman wouldn’t want that?

“They are a match made in heaven. He is a powerful figure in his industry and so is she in hers. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they did get together, they would be a huge power couple.

“And I truly believe there is rarely no smoke without fire. If anyone can lure a woman away from their husband, it’s Alex.”


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